Not your typical dental service

Providing a comfortable dental experience is what matters most

We are passionate about your wellbeing

Cooloola Cove Smiles is overseen by Dr Abhinav Sharma. He is joined by an equally passionate team who are extremely caring about each patients’ wellbeing.


Our promises

At Cooloola Cove Smiles, we promise to:


  • Provide a caring, friendly environment 
  • Help reduce dental anxiety to ensure a comfortable dental experience
  • Welcome all patients and not be judgmental of any individual circumstances 
  • Cater for children
  • Provide high quality, minimally invasive dentistry
  • Listen to your concerns and take the time to discuss options and why we prefer a particular form of treatment 
  • Accept DVA patients - we bulk bill
  • Bulk bill all children eligible for CDBS
  • Service NCACCH patients – we are a preferred provider 
  • Take part in the General Dental Scheme – we are a provider for hospital referred patients 
  • Perform Workcover treatment 
  • Offer access to more affordable dentistry - offering payment plan/finance

We Care About Your Smile


Call Cooloola Cove Smiles: 07 5486 4800

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